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School of Ballroom Dance


I teach international ballroom dancing. It is an activity for healthy people. People with heart problems, back problems or any other health problems that require monitoring of blood pressure or physical stress are advised to consult their physicians and carefully consider before joining the group. Introductory, intermediate and advanced classes are available. The number of people in each class is limited for quality purposes. While I do not require coming with a partner, it is strongly recommended to have one. If you come as a single person, please keep in mind that there is no guarantee that you will find a partner when the class starts. Please check this page to find a partner or submit an announcement that you are looking for a partner. Also, please see the rules of our ballroom. If you are interested to see what international ballroom dance style is, please see it here.

How to Dress

You can dress as you wish but please remember that I have to see the lines of your body. It means no long skirts, baggy shirts or baggy trousers, etc. I strongly advise you not to wear rings, wristwatches, bracelets or necklaces. Dress very lightly and in such a way that you are comfortable practically in any position. I recommend men to have light trousers and a light shirt or a T-shirt. Women are advised to wear a leotard and a short skirt. The most important part is your shoes. I expect you to have two pairs of shoes: one pair of tennis shoes or something similar with a rubber sole and heel that does not mark the floor for warm-up and one pair of shoes with a suede heel and suede sole for dancing. Suede is sometimes called brushed leather. I recommend that you start with standard style shoes (European or “smooth” style shoes), not Latin American style shoes. For women, closed-toe shoes will be more comfortable.

If You Are New

Please call me in advance at 970-266-8249 to learn more about our classes and find out if there are openings available.

Beginner Course

This is a general course (6 sessions, 1.5 hours each). The course introduces you to different dance styles and gives you an opportunity of experiencing my teaching approach. You will learn simple elements of dance gymnastics and the basics of European, Latin American, and disco styles. Among others you will learn Rhythm Dancing, Rock'n'Roll, Merengue, and sequences of Disco Dancing. Please do not assume that it is open for enrollment at any time. I have beginner courses with openings two or three times a year. In the past I always started a beginner course at least in October and February. The best way to guarantee that you get a space in the course is to be on my waiting list. Then you will be informed when the course starts and have priority status before I accept registrations from the general public.

Intermediate Courses

There are two Intermediate Courses. Each course consists of 6 sessions, 1.5 hours each. The courses give you more knowledge of the international program. Intermediate Course 1 includes Waltz, Cha-Cha-Cha, Samba, Triple-Jive, and Charleston. Intermediate Course 2 covers Tango, Quickstep, Foxtrot and Rumba.

Cost of Beginner or Intermediate Courses

The price for the Beginner or Intermediate Course is $150 per person charged before the start of the course. You can pay with a check or cash. Please make checks payable to Andre's Ballroom Dance, LLC. It is a good idea to mail your check in advance to reserve a space.

Please mail your check to
Andre's Ballroom Dance, LLC
3124 Colony Dr.
Fort Collins CO 80526

Please enclose your phone number and/or email address with your check. Then I can let you know that I received the check and inform you about any possible changes.

You can also give me the check personally in the ballroom by appointment.

Please note that while you are welcome to come to the start of the course and pay then, there is no guarantee that there will be an opening available for you at that moment.

Advanced Classes are Part of the Dance Club Membership

After completing the Intermediate courses, you may have the opportunity of continuing with the Advanced Classes. I cover the whole international program with the exception of Paso Doble, that is: Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Rumba, Samba, Cha-Cha-Cha, and Jive. Advanced classes are a part of the Dance Club membership, which also includes Wednesday practices. Each class lasts 1.5 hours. The practices are from 7 to 9 pm every Wednesday. The cost of the Dance Club membership is $150 per month per person. I charge for a month in advance. If you cannot be in the next class, I would very much appreciate if you let me know. In this way I can plan better for you and the others. If you want to cancel your membership, please let me know before the next month begins.

When and Where Do We Meet

Group classes meet every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Sunday, depending on the course, at the Masonic Temple (225 W. Oak St., Fort Collins CO 80521).

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available per request and are tailored according to your individual needs. The charge is $160/hour/couple.

Singles Interested in Dancing

As long as you understand that my school is not a dating service, you are very welcome to join us. The usual difficulty is in finding a partner for yourself. I do not search for partners for single students, but I will give them my advice and support. Depending on your situation, please consider the options of both group classes and private classes. The best way to start is by calling me and telling me about yourself. Also, please read this page.

Wedding Dance

The wedding package is $600. This is enough in most cases to prepare your wedding dance. However, the expectations of couples differ so much that I invite you to read this page first, and then call me to talk about your needs. Even if I cannot be of service to you, I may be able to recommend a good instructor depending on your requests.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available for all the services we provide. If the recipient of the gift certificate wishes to use it for taking dance classes, he or she will have to reserve a space in a particular course and will only be able to use the certificate for that course. The certificate expires one year from the date of purchase.

Important Note

I do not refund money that has already been paid.

More Information

If you have questions or want to talk more about the school, please call me at 970-266-8249 or email me.

Andre Volosov

Please also see Questions & Answers.